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Welcome! We are so happy to have you.

Please refer to the do’s and dont’s and arrive 10-15 minutes early to receive a machine demo as well as an introduction to the instructor.


Bring Socks


Bring a Hand Towel



Credit Card

Credit Card


Cell Phone


Wear Jewelry


How do I buy and book classes?
Due to our small class sizes, we highly recommend booking early and often as classes do sell out. Download the JETSET Pilates app to create an account. Simply toggle to your favorite location, purchase one of our Intro Offers, and book your first class!


Our Studios

Do I need to bring anything?

For safety and sanitary reasons, all clients are required to wear non-slip, grip socks during class. You may bring your own or purchase a pair from the studio. Clients will not be allowed to take a class without grip socks.

Any other quick tips for my first time?
  • Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early – We want you to feel comfortable and settled! You’ll also have a chance to meet your instructor and hear a bit more about what to expect in class.
  • Grip socks are required – You can bring your own or you can purchase a pair at the studio.
  • Leave your cell phone with your belongings – We want you to have 50 minutes all to yourself.
  • Water – You may find yourself too busy focused during class to even remember to hydrate! You  can bring your own water or purchase a bottle at the studio.
  • Trying something new can be scary – Come prepared with an open mind. Every experienced client has been in your shoes!
Will I be okay if I’m a beginner and not already in shape?

Absolutely!  Our classes welcome all fitness levels. Our slow and controlled movements allow for an accessible intensity that you can control depending on your experience.

Will my spot be given away if I am late to class?

Our experience is personalized and we give top priority to the clients who have arrived in the studio, on time. Due to the nature of our modern workout experience, our class sizes are small and studios often lock their doors at the start of the class. Please be sure to arrive on time. We understand sometimes there is traffic so please plan accordingly. If there is an existing client with a membership who is waiting, your spot will be given away to that client.

How often should I take class?

Because our classes are curated to promote balanced bodies and limit the overuse of a muscle group, we encourage you to take class as much as you’d like but recommend 3-4 times per week to notice results.


Packages & Membership

What options do I have for class purchases?

Check out your studio location page on the website to view specific package & membership pricing. You’ll mainly see two options – autopay memberships or class packages. You can select the option that works best for your busy schedule.

The simple rule of thumb: increasing package size = decreasing per class cost.


Pricing Options

Are classes transferrable between JETSET Pilates locations?

Your classes can only be used at the studio at which they are purchased. The JETSET app makes it easy to purchase and book into a specific studio and maintain packages across multiple locations.

Can I bring a friend with my package or membership?

Yes! The JETSET branded app allows you to book your friends into class using your package. You’ll be prompted to use your current package or purchase a new class for your friend.

If you have an autopay membership, you’ll see a discounted single class rate available to book a friend.

Are my purchases refundable?

Classes and autopay memberships are non-refundable. We do not offer refunds on purchases for our services, beyond a client’s statutory rights. 

Unused merchandise will be accepted for a full refund within 7 days of purchase. Beyond 7 days, an account credit will be issued for up to 30 days. All original tags are required for account credit.


Can I freeze my autopay membership?

Absolutely! If you have a monthly unlimited autopay, you may put your membership on hold, in one-month increments, for up to three (3) calendar months. A fee of $25 per month will be charged per freeze request. 

Notice of intent to freeze one’s account must be submitted to the studio via email no less than thirty (30) business days prior to the freeze date. The freeze request must state both the freeze start date and reactivation date. Billing will resume automatically upon the end of freeze month/s.  

Note: You may freeze your membership at no cost for the duration of your pregnancy.

What if I need to cancel my 3-month commitment autopay membership?

If you have a monthly commitment autopay, you may cancel it with a doctor’s order or due to a move out of the region. In either case, documentation may be required. Beyond these circumstances, you may cancel your commitment by paying half of your next monthly billing amount. Example: If you are on a $214/monthly with a three-month commitment and wish to cancel after month one, you would pay $214 for month one and a fee of $107 to terminate. 

Notice of intent to freeze or terminate your membership must be submitted to the studio via email no less than thirty (30) business days prior to the cancellation date. Insufficient notice may delay a timely stop on billing.



Booking & Attending Class

What is your cancellation policy?

We operate with a strict 12-hour cancellation policy. With such small class sizes, this allows us to rebook that reformer if you can’t make it. All cancellations or changes to your class time must be completed 12 hours before the scheduled class. Because our classes are small in size, cancellations heavily impact both the clients and instructors. 

Any cancellation within 12 hours prior to the start of class or a failure to attend class (no-show) will be considered a ‘late cancellation.’  The penalty charge varies depending on your package:

  • Clients with a class package or limited autopay (ex: 10 Class Pack or 8 Monthly):
    • Late Cancel = the single class is forfeited from their account
    • No Show = $10 fee and the single class is forfeited from their account
  • Clients with an Unlimited autopay membership (ex: Monthly Unlimited):
    • Late Cancel = $25 fee
    • No Show = $35 fee 

Cancellation fees are automatically charged overnight after the fee is incurred.

What is the waitlist?

Many of our popular class times sell out. If the class you want to take is sold out, you can get on our waitlist.

We automatically enroll waitlisted clients into class up to 12 hours prior to the start time. Within the 12-hour period prior to class, you can add yourself to the roster if a spot opens up. The waitlist assumes that you can and will attend class. Be sure to remove yourself from a waitlist if you are unable to attend class.


Can I change my reservation?

If you are outside the 12-hour cancellation window, you can always switch to another class. If there are less than 12 hours until your class – that is considered a cancellation and the above policy would apply.

You can cancel or make changes by signing in to your account on MINDBODY or the JETSET Pilates app. Cancellations via electronic mail (email), Facebook messenger, Instagram, or other social media, voice message, or text message are not valid.

Will my spot be given away if I am late to class?

Our class sizes are small and we give top priority to the clients who have arrived in the studio, on time. Studios often lock their doors at the start of the class.  Please be sure to arrive on time. We understand that sometimes there is traffic so please plan accordingly. If there is an existing client with a membership who is waiting, your spot may be given away.



How do the 30-day packages work?

30 days passes are a great way to customize your fitness routine. You can choose between 4 or 8 Monthly Class packs (studio dependent). These 30-day packages do not roll over month to month AND you are not charged automatically, you simply opt in and buy as you please. This way you can travel, entertain, and keep up with your busy lifestyle without sacrificing your time, money, or JETSET classes!

Other Facts to Know

Can I bring my children to class if they sit quietly while I work out?

JETSET Pilates studios do not provide childcare and for liability reasons we do not allow any child under the age of 16 into the studio without full supervision, meaning that no parent may take a class while their child is on the premises. The minimum age to take a class is 16. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign their waiver prior to taking their first class with us.

Can I bring my pet to the studio?

Although we love your furry friends, JETSET Pilates is responsible for assuring the health and safety of all staff, clients, and visitors. In keeping with this objective, we do not permit staff or clients to bring their household pets into the studio. Animals can pose allergy reactions or may cause distractions that draw from the intention of the class. Service animals are exempt.

Do you provide private classes?

JETSET Private classes are perfect for those that are looking for a customized session because of an injury, pregnancy, busy schedule, or just an extra challenge. 

Private classes are studio and schedule-dependent. Reach out to the studio directly for pricing and booking information.

What if I left belongings at a studio?

JETSET Pilates does not have a lost and found and is not responsible for lost or stolen belongings. Please make sure to take everything with you after class!



Can I attend a class if I am pregnant?

Due to the core-intensive nature of our classes, you are advised to consult with your doctor before attending a JETSET Pilates private or group class while pregnant. If, however, you have been a regular client, you may book regular or private sessions during your pregnancy with your doctor’s approval.

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