The story behind
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How I Began

When I had my first child while living in London, I struggled to get my body back in shape. I was looking for an exercise regimen that resonated but, more importantly, delivered fast results. Within nine months of discovering the magic of Pilates, I transformed my body. I was so surprised that I knew I needed to continue my Pilates journey when I moved to Miami in 2010.

After trying multiple studios, I only found the traditional Pilates methods, but I craved more of a challenge.

My Vision

My goal was to integrate everything I love, such as a place to focus on yourself, foster connections with other dynamic women and men, and get transformative results.

That’s when I created JETSET Pilates. I wanted to combine the  controlled movements of traditional Pilates with intentional  choreography and seamless transitions. And I wanted it all in a 50-minute workout that would give you a unique and challenging experience. To do this, I made some changes to the reformer to incorporate this type of fitness regimen, and my modern Pilates was born with the intention of helping my community reach their own Destination Body™.

Jetset Pilates
Tamara Galinsky

Music is Life

Music speaks to my soul. I have studied it all my life. I believe that the right music inspires and energizes you both mentally and physically. When combining choreography with the right music, your body goes into a meditative state while you focus on yourself. I bring this energy to my Pilates studios by incorporating a graceful sequence of movements with a curated playlist into every class.

JETSET Pilates

The JETSET Pilates®

When JETSET Pilates was born, I intended to create a community where clients could come to build authentic connections, have a focused mind, and energize their well-being. The strength of these communities grew organically and enabled JETSET Pilates to expand quickly in the subsequent years.

With a strong body and joy in our hearts, we can now pass on that opportunity to you so that you may share your mind, body, and soul with this incredible brand legacy. Join us as a fellow JETSETter™ and Franchise Owner to help your community land at their Destination Body™.

“The opportunity to provide an inspirational and accessible pilates workout filled with energetic music and positivity has been one of my most fulfilling accomplishments.”

Tamara Galinsky, Founder
JETSET Pilates®
Destination Body™

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